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The Galaxy Hug Woven Blanket

The Galaxy Hug Woven Blanket

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The personalized galaxy hug woven blanket allows you to wrap those you care for in your love while sharing a unique message.

Big hug blanket - we hugged this blanket

Choose from two color options: blue or black. Both feature a celestial scene of moons, stars, galaxies, and other heavenly bodies. And both have a pair of arms that seem to appear from behind the blanket, anxious to wrap the recipient in a loving embrace.

Across the arms, your message of love and caring is displayed. Some of the examples we’ve seen that have made our hearts pitter-patter include:

  • You mean the world to me
  • Longing to hold you again
  • I love you to the moon and back
  • I’m only a hug away

This woven blanket makes the perfect personalized gift for:

  • The high school or college grad moving away from home, striking out on his or her own, who may need a little reassurance that they are never alone
  • Family members who live far away and long for the day you can hug one another again
  • Sweet babes who are learning to sleep in their own beds at night, but may need the security of an extra pair of arms for cuddling
  • Service men and women, pledging to protect and serve, those who are separated from those they love most for a season.

Item Details

- 100% Cotton
- Fully woven, no printing involved
- Thick weaving to keep you warm
- Colorful edge fringe (as pictured)

Care instructions

Machine Wash - Cold Water - Gentle Cycle - Mild Detergent - Do Not Bleach - Tumble Dry low heat.


Made in & shipped from the USA, This is a personalized product, It takes from 3 to 7 business days to be delivered.

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