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Envelope Letter Throw Pillow

Envelope Letter Throw Pillow

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Introducing the Personalized Envelope Letter Pillow – Unveil Your Love's Deeper Meaning!

The Personalized Envelope Letter Pillow is a poetic canvas for your love story. It transcends the realms of an ordinary pillow; it's a tale of cherished memories, a bond that's uniquely yours.

Key Features

  • Two Sides, One Love:  One side features a hand-drawn envelope. The other side is where your heartfelt words come to life within an artistic frame.
  • Your Personal Touch: You decide how to express your love – type out your message using our elegant font, or add a personal touch by scanning your handwritten letter.
  • Sizes and Shades: Choose the size that fits your space, either 18x18 in or 22x22 in. Pick between two evocative shades: passionate red or timeless black.

Unleash a Torrent of Emotion
When you snuggle up to this pillow, you're not just cuddling with fabric; you're wrapped in your love story. It's a tangible piece of your connection, a conversation between hearts, an embodiment of unsaid emotions.

The Magic of Personalized Gifting
Imagine the joy on their face as they receive a heartfelt, one-of-a-kind gift. It's not merely a pillow; it's a keepsake, an affirmation of your love, a declaration of your unique bond.

     Perfect For

    • Anniversaries, marking the milestones of your love story.
    • Birthdays, turning ordinary days into memorable ones.
    • Special Moments, celebrating the beauty of life together.
    • Declarations of Affection, reminding them of your love.
    • Homes with Heart, adding warmth and personality to your space.

    Embrace the power of personalized love. The Personalized Envelope Letter Pillow is more than a product; it's an emotion, a connection, and a memory waiting to be created. Order now and let your love story flourish, one heartfelt message at a time. 💞

    It takes only 3 easy steps to have your actual handwriting on the pillow:

    1. Write your letter or message on a white paper (Not lined)
    2. Take a high-quality photo holding your phone vertically in a well-lighted place, do not use flash.
    3. Upload your photo.


    Item Details

    Material: Premium Polyester with linen feel.

    Care instructions


    Shipping: This is a custom product; It takes 5-10 business days to arrive, ships from the USA.

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    For queries or further customization requests, please reach out via the chat icon or email

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