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6 Tips on how to write the perfect Oraluna letter blanket

How to write the perfect letter blanket. Oraluna Gift

So you finally found the perfect gift you were looking for, and now it's time to write a meaningful letter.

A heartfelt letter is a letter that expresses how you really feel. Whether you are writing to say how much you love that special person or to express your concern, your true feelings are often overwhelming and it is sometimes difficult to put a name to it. So it can be hard to put these feelings into words. But you can learn the basics and how to style the letter correctly.

In this short article, we are going to help you start writing your first woven letter blanket to delight the receiver with an heirloom item.

Before starting, make sure to grab a draft and a pen for some try and fail time. To avoid any errors, use the template you printed for the final version only.

  1. Knowing the context. In order to come up with the perfect letter to someone, you have to think about the context first, that simply means who you’re writing to? Your parents? Best friend, girlfriend/boyfriend..  Then also the occasion, is it for a birthday, Christmas... Knowing these simple things can help a lot when it comes to brainstorming your letter.  

  1. Talk about the good qualities of the receiver. Avoid being too generic, think about specific characters in your relationship. For example you can say “Hanging around with you makes me feel like I’m....” Instead of something like “You’re so kind!”

  2. Be honest. The last thing you want is them to notice an over exaggeration in your letter. Only write what comes from your heart.

  1. Make it personal and only for them. Look in your heart and listen, the words come from there, write down the first things that come to your mind. They are usually the right things to say. Just write it as you think it, that goes a long way. Don't doubt your heart

  1. Check your spelling. This one is obvious, but it’s worth highlighting.  

  1. Have it handwritten. This adds a lot of uniqueness and emotional value. Oraluna allows you to use your own handwriting! Take advantage of it. If you think your handwriting is not the most artistic in the world, you can use the handwriting font we pre-made for you, it looks exactly like a true handwriting.

We hope you found something useful in here! If you have any questions or requests, please leave us a comment below. 

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